Game stuck in a bunker? Get yourself back on course.

Visit an On Course Golf PGA professional to help you improve your game. Whether you are a first time player or an aspiring pro, lessons will be tailored to meet your personal goals.


Improve Your Technique

If you are looking to improve your game quickly, golf lessons are the way to go. If you take lessons, you’ll be taught the proper technique. Learning the proper technique is important; because it is often more difficult to retrain yourself once you’ve continued doing it the incorrect way

Become Familiar with Your Equipment

Taking golf lessons will give you the opportunity to learn more about your equipment. You’ll get to know which club to use in different situations, like when to use a driver versus a putter and what a hybrid is used for.

Gain a Mentor

Taking lessons means that you have someone that can give you individualized attention. Your golfing instructor will not only help you learn during your scheduled lessons but could also be a valuable resource and mentor even after you have finished your lessons.

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