Looking After Your Equipment

Golf equipment can be expensive. If you got fitted for your specifications or found a used set online, your clubs were a significant investment. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can use your clubs for years. We have put together a complete guide on how to clean golf clubs to keep them in the best shape possible. Your clubs cannot perform as designed when they are dirty. The grooves on the face of your irons help spin the ball and allow it to land softly on the green.

Tips on cleaning your clubs:

Dip the club heads in lukewarm water
Scrub the entire head and face with a brush, paying special attention to the grooves
Use a towel to wipe off all dirt and debris
Dip the iron back in your water
Dry off using a towel

When cleaning your clubs, it is easy to forget about the grips, but they are just as important to the long-term performance of your clubs. Grips should be replaced every 18 to 24 months but should be maintained & cleaned on a regular basis. A dirty grip will feel slick, but cleaning can bring back the tackiness.

Tips to clean your grips:

Dip a small towel in warm soapy water.
Rub down the grip with the wet towel
Dry the grip with your other towel
Set aside outside of your bag and allow the grip to air dry

Don’t immediately put it back in your bag. Set it to the side until you finish the entire set. This allows the club to air dry more..

If you are an avid golfer you have probably played in the rain. Your clubs are engineered to work in all weather conditions, but they are not built to sit in a golf bag wet for hours after your round. If you get caught in the elements, take the following steps at the end of your round.

Remove your clubs from your bag
Wipe them down with a towel and leave them out of your bag for a couple hours
Remove your golf essentials to help your bag dry (gloves, towels, etc.)