What was once a niche product has now become commonplace among golfers of all ages and abilities on every golf course in the world. It’s not surprising given the benefits they can bring – not to mention the potential they have to lower your scores.

Health benefits such as taking strain off your body and reducing fatigue can help all aspects of your game. Most golfing injuries are unavoidable, however, you can reduce the risk of incurring an injury whilst out on the course by using an electric golf buggy to transport your equipment, as opposed to carrying it or using a pull buggy, which can put pressure on the back, shoulders, arms and knees. Swinging a golf club requires a lot of energy and engages your core muscles. Add to this the fact that the typical golf bag weighs 10kg, and it’s no surprise golfers feel their energy levels depleting as they approach the final few holes. All the more reason to invest in a decent electric buggy. Spend more times on the greens with less risk of getting injured and less time spent recovering.

Most golfers have no option but to whittle down their equipment to the bare essentials when using a carry bag. But thanks to electric golf buggies, you don’t have to. You can load up with more equipment than ever before. Given that you’ll only need to steer the trolley, you can take more refreshments with you. Having a few drinks and snacks handy will allow you to stay replenished, keeping up your energy levels and performance throughout the round. You can also add attachments to your buggy, providing somewhere to mount an umbrella, a seat or a cradle for your GPS device or phone.

Finally and perhaps a more surprising way in which an electric golf buggy can benefit your round is from a psychological standpoint. No more worrying about dragging your golf buggy up steep inclines or the daunting concept of injuring yourself as a result of carrying a heavy load on your shoulders. Instead, you can focus on your game and relax knowing that the logistics of getting from one hole to the next are taken care of.

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