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The Experience of a Club Fitting

February 06, 2022
The Experience of a Club Fitting

As golfers, we all know the importance of having the correctly fitted clubs. The right set of clubs in your bag will contribute greatly to lower scores on the card and more importantly, your enjoyment on the golf course. But what is involved in a club fitting? How does it work and what can you expect from the experience?

As the name suggests, a club fitting is exactly that. Basically, fitting the right golf clubs and specifications to suit you and your game to strike the ball as close as possible to the centre of the face consistently. Elements such as performance, feel and consistency as well as club length, lie, loft, weight, swing weight, shaft material, shaft flex and much more will be measured and compared to find what suits you best.


To start, the fitter will perform a complete analysis with your current clubs, more often than not using a Trackman Launch Monitor or similar technology. They will look at things like club length, loft, face angle, distance, spin rate and club speed to set a yardstick and identify any performance related issues with your current clubs. The fitter now has the data they need to point you in the right direction of what will suit you and your swing.

On hand will be all the latest technology and hardware from your preferred brands which you get to try, all fully adjustable to change any part of the club that needs to be. You may need to try a few different shafts, club heads and shaft lengths before you get the right combination to suit you.


Once the correct clubs have been fitted to you, the clubs will be ordered and built to your exact specifications determined in the fitting. An important thing to remember is you and your swing change over time, which means your specs do too. Elite players have fittings on almost a weekly basis, but as a club golfer, it’s not a bad idea to have a spot check with your professional every 6 to 12 months.

The On Course Golf member group consists of over 200 PGA certified professionals offering specialised fitting services across all corners of the country. Find upcoming brand fitting days or book in a personalised fit with your local golf pro.